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Public Health Specialty Training

The Wessex School of Public Health's Specialty Training is open to people from medical and non-medical backgrounds. The training programme is a supportive development programme for registrar's who will need to demonstrate competency in all areas identified by the Faculty of Public Health and who on completion will be able to practice as a specialist level in public health. There are three phases of the training. For more information, see the Faculty's curriculum for training. 

The training programme lasts 4 years. An additional year on an academic Masters course is funded for those who need it to provide the theoretical base for public health. The course used has usually been the MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene. This is undertaken at the beginning of training and will help the registrar to pass the Part A exam of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine.

For further information about the Wessex Public Health Speciality Training programme visit http://www.wessexdeanery.nhs.uk/public_health/specialist_training.aspx


UKPHR Specialist Registration by Portfolio Route

Thames Valley and Wessex Statement on Specialist Registration by Portfolio route

The Specialist Registration by Portfolio route to registration was formally opened on the 1st Sept 2018 by UKPHR. The purpose of this new route was to bring it in line with the Certificate of Eligibility of Specialist Registration (CESR) route (www.gmc-uk.org) ensuring there is equivalence to those working at a senior/PH specialist level who come from a background other than medicine, to gain a specialist registration.

To find out more about Specialist Registration by Portfolio visit: www.ukphr.org/specialist-registration-by-portfolio-assessment/  

The Thames Valley and Wessex Schools’ of Public Health Board discussed support for a programme for Specialist Registration by Portfolio. It has been agreed by the Board that Thames Valley and Wessex will not be supporting a programme for Specialist Registration by Portfolio at this current time. Individuals and/or their employers may wish to contact UKPHR for information on providers who are able to provide support to individuals applying for Specialist Registration by Portfolio.

It should be noted that the Schools currently do not support a programme for registration via the CESR route. The Schools do recognise the value in having equivalent registration routes for both medics and those coming from a background other than medicine in Public Health.  

November 2020


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