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Wessex Global Health Network need volunteers

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The Wessex Global Health Network website is now live and you can sign up to regular updates about global health. Below is a description of why this initiative has taken place, a link to the website itself and ways you can become involved, should you have the time and interest.


There are many people in Wessex involved in work abroad, frequently in resource poor countries. These include: 

  • Hospital and Community Trusts with Links in places like Ghana, Nepal, South Sudan
  • Medical Students involved in electives or longer projects abroad
  • Improving Global Health Programme involved in Cambodia, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa
  • Academic groups in Wessex Universities with research contracts in various parts of the world
  • Charities with Links in countries like Ghana, Uganda and South Sudan
  • Individuals who support particular projects abroad

And there are others who are interested in Global Health, though their circumstances prevent them from being actively involved in any particular project.

Although many people are involved abroad, few are aware of each other’s work. When they do become aware they gain a sense of support for a common purpose and there is the potential to learn from each other’s experience, avoid re-invention of the wheel, avoid duplication, share good practice, spread innovation and generally improve effectiveness .


A Wessex Global Health Network Website has been put together to support networking around global health activities. It provides information about a variety of things of relevance to Global Health, including a description of the various Links we know about that exist in Wessex. Also included is information about national and local events that might be of interest and other information e.g. government policies, reports that are relevant.

The website can be found at http://www.wessexghnetwork.org.uk

Connecting to the Network : The Network is open to anyone with an interested in Global Health, including people outside Wessex who find it useful. To connect, you sign yourself in using the “Get Connected” box on the right hand side of the Home Page. If you sign in, then you will receive a weekly e-mail update about the Network and Website. You can unsubscribe at any time.   


It is hoped that the website will be useful and we would like to develop it further. The website, however, is not a Network. To be alive a Network will need the enthusiasm and innovation that comes from people who want to help the Network make a difference. It will need to be developed in such a way that it supports both the activities of those in Wessex work abroad and promotes understanding of global health.  


We would like to develop the website and Network further. If you would like to be  involved, then please contact John Acres on john.acres@wessex.hee.nhs.uk.  

To help develop the Network and website further we need volunteers who might :

  • Be a specialty link for the website and Network and a local specialty global health activist. 
  • Keep in touch with DfID to provide updates e.g. on policy, activity, political issues. 
  • Provide a lead and develop the website on ethical issues related to global health e.g. the effect of NHS purchasing on low income countries (as with surgical instruments  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5222180.stm) of wider economic and social policies on low income countries e.g. IMF, trade policies or other constraints applied to economic aid, policies of drug companies etc. 
  • Develop the website to include relevant topics included in “Health Is Global”. 
  • Work with others to develop, run, co-ordinate and advertise local educational events and develop the use of webinars, podcasts and streamed lectures 
  • Develop the website to include distance learning materials for low income countries. 
  • Help identify the international activities of Universities in Wessex and put these onto the website. 
  • Be in touch with the various Wessex Links, including the Leadership Programme, to arrange updates or reports from them to be placed on the website. 
  • Develop the website to include the use of social media e.g. Facebook and Twitter.
  • Be involved in evaluating the use of the website and what the Network does, identify user needs and wants, develop and implement a marketing strategy and plan.

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