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Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about supporting organisations and their staff to maximise on the opportunity they have with the public in promoting health and enabling them to make changes to improve their health and wellbeing.


This Making Every Contact Count (MECC)  toolkit has been developed as a practical guide to support the implementation of the programme.

Health Education England – Wessex Team is also able to provide additional support to make Making Every Contact Count happen through:
• Coordination of the Train-the-Trainer programme
• The Making Every Contact Count network
• Guidance and advice on implementation and sustainability of Making Every Contact Count.


Dates of upcoming training courses:


Session 1 - 28th Apr

Session 2 - 5th May


Session 1 - 8th Jul

Session 2 - 15th Jul


Session 1 - 5th Oct

Session 2 - 12th Oct


To book a place, please click here and search for MECC in the Course/Conference field.

To find out more about the programme contact Phil Godfrey, Public Health Development Manager at:  Phil.Godfrey@hee.nhs.uk  


Wessex Making Every Contact Count Train the Trainer Programme


Wessex Making Every Contact Count Trainers Register



Making Every Contact Count: Implementation Toolkit


Making Every Contact Count: Implementation Guide

Making Every Contact Count: Briefing Paper

Are you Making Every Contact Count? Flyer

Making Every Contact Count: Presentation (PDF)

Making Every Contact Count: Presentation (Powerpoint)

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Steering Group Terms of Reference (Template)

Key Tasks of Making Every Contact Count Lead / Implementer

Making Every Contact Count & Healthy Conversation Monthly Record Sheet

Case Story Template

Preparing a resource directory

Making Every Contact Count Train the Trainer Application Form

Wessex Making Every Contact Count Trainer Best Practice Agreement


Here are some examples of how different organisations have used the implementation toolkit to embed MECC into their organisation.

Solent NHS Trust - Making Every Contact Count (MECC) - Our Approach 2016-2019

The Environment Centre (tec) Making Every Contact Count Implementation Plan

Pilot and Evaluation

The Wessex Making Every Contact Count (MECC) pilot has been completed and evaluated by the University of Southampton. The Executive Summary and the full Evaluation Report are available here. 

Wessex Making Every Contact Count (MECC) pilot: Executive Summary

Wessex Making Every Contact Count (MECC) pilot: Evaluation Report

Gosport Making Every Contact Count (MECC) pilot: Evaluation Report July 2016


Public Health England documents to support the local implementation of MECC activity and the development of training resources can be found at:




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