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Fit for the future; a review of the public health workforce

13 January 2016

Full Details:

Public Health England are holding a number of events around the country between November – January, one in each LGA region/PHE Centre, to enable local leaders to come together to discuss and shape national and local thinking on workforce issues.

In particular theywish to examine:

• What are the key drivers that will shape the context within which we need to protect and improve the public’s health?
• What might this mean for future skills/capability gaps, and likely trends in the workforce?
• What do we need to start putting in place now so that the workforce is fit for the future?
• Are there longer-term trends we need to start planning for immediately?

The event will enable you to: develop thinking on future scenarios that challenge the health of our population and the ways in which public health is currently delivered; share local experience of the key gaps in skills, knowledge and capability in the current and future public health workforce Input to national strategic commentary on options for intervention/action to address skills gaps, and shape local action.


It is hoped it will give you an unrivalled opportunity to:
• Share your innovative practice in workforce development.
• Raise issues of local/regional concern.
• Influence PHE and DH policy on workforce development.
• Challenge your own thinking.
• Network with senior colleagues across the public health system.
• Gain an early insight into emerging findings from this nationally important
piece of work.
• Build on existing opportunities to strengthen the public health workforce and
functions in your area.


Booking details to be announced.

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